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Utah CFP Course

Utah is a "shall issue" state and very Second Amendment friendly. Their concealed firearm permit is currently accepted by 29 states through either reciprocity or recognition (see map below), if issued to a non-resident. The fee for a Utah 5-year permit for first time applicants is $47.00, and renewals are only $15.00 and may be done online.  

As Utah BCI Certified Concealed Firearm Instructors, 
John Oswecki and I offer the Utah course locally, and can also travel to other locations for groups of 25 or more. The course curriculum is specific to Utah (* see note below) , and it takes approximately 4 hours. We provide course materials, applications, etc. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. See the Schedule page.

If you live in a state that currently has reciprocity with Utah or accepts a Utah permit, you will need to possess a home state license before applying for a Utah permit. See the Reciprocity link below.

The Utah concealed firearm permit course is also offered as a segment of out Multi-License Firearm Course©. For more information see the Multi-License Course© page.

UPDATE: Effective July 1, 2016 a Utah permit issued to a non-resident is honored by Nevada.


Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Resources

For official up-to-date information on Utah permit reciprocity and recognition - Reciprocity List/Map

To download a Utah concealed carry firearm permit application in PDF format - Download Application

To view Utah BCI information for new concealed firearm permit applications - Utah Applicant Info

To view information on Utah oncealed firearm permit denials and suspensions - Denial Info

To view Utah concealed firearm permit frequently asked questions - Utah FAQ's

* NOTE: This is not an NRA approved course.