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Qualifications - I'm an NRA Training Counselor, Certified Instructor plus a Chief Range Safety Officer, with credentials to instruct NRA approved courses in the following diciplines:

   - Basic Pistol Shooting 
   - Basic Rifle Shooting
   - Basic Shotgun Shooting 
   - Home Firearm Safety 
   - Personal Protection Inside The Home 
   - Range Safety Officer
   - Chief Range Safety Officer
   - Metallic Cartridge Reloading
   - Shotgun Shell Reloading
   - Refuse To Be A Victim 

About Us - McDermott & Company, Inc. was incorporated in 1995 by Robert J. McDermott, and has operated in the emergency vehicle, military ground support equipment and firearm training sectors. We have done business with municipalities, the U.S. and foreign governments, firearm manufacturers, emergency vehicle manufacturers, etc. Today our emphasis is on consulting and firearm training in New England and New York, although occasionally we still serve as a buyer's agent for old established accounts. We own the U.S. Copyright on the Massachusetts Pistol License Course© and the Multi-License Firearm Course©.

NRA Instructor Training Courses -  As an NRA Training Counselor, I conduct Certified Instructor Training courses. Four or more Instructor Candidates are required to run a course. Private courses can also be done at your gun club.  

Massachusetts and Utah Credentials - I'm also certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as both a Basic Firearm Safety Course Instructor and a Hunter Education Program Volunteer Instructor, and by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification to conduct their Concealed Firearm Permit courses..  

Instructor Partnership
John Oswecki and I often work together in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. John is an NRA Training Counselor and Certified Instructor from Connecticut, and together we instruct hundreds of students per year in our regularly scheduled group courses. 

The NRA Basic Pistol course will change to a "blended learning" format in 2016. See the note on the NRA Basic Pistol page. More information will be provided when released by NRA Training.

MA-CT License Course
- The Massachusetts Pistol License Course© is a handgun specific course approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Connecticut. The course can be done with or without a live fire segment, but note that live fire is required for Connecticut. Some other states will also accept this course. This is not an NRA course.

Multi-License Firearm Course© - A truly unique 1-day, cost and time saving course that will allow participants to apply for licenses in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Utah, Florida, Arizona, Maine and New Hampshire.  You choose which to apply for, but if you get them all you can legally carry in 39 states! Also available as a 36-state classroom-only course without live fire (excludes Connecticut and Florida licenses due to the live fire requirement). This is not an NRA course.  

Private On-Site Courses - We now offer courses for corporations and other private groups who cannot attend one of our regularly scheduled group courses, and price them on a sliding scale according to the requirement. The Massachusetts Pistol License Course©, Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course and a Multi-License Firearm Course© (Utah/Massachusetts) can be done privately at your location. Please contact me for more information and a price quote.   

Duplicate Certificates/Lost Paperwork - Students are responsible for their certificates, applications or other student materials once issued. There will be a charge for duplicates that includes material cost, mailing and the Instructor's personal time. Duplicate certificates and applications will be dated the same as the originals, and students are responsible for reporting the original class date and location. If the student misses a State mandated application deadline (i.e. Utah 1-year), he or she must take the course again - no exceptions.

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As an NRA Instructor, Training Counselor and Benefactor Life Member, I'm offering a discounted NRA membership to everyone who visits my website. It applies to new memberships, renewals and gift memberships. Regular annual membership benefits include a membership card, a subscription to your choice of NRA magazines, firearm insurance, etc. Click on the image to the right to read more and take advantage of this special promotional offer.

Do you want a hunting license? Please note that Massachusetts, as well as most other states, requires all first time applicants for a hunting license to attend a Hunter Education Course. Although several of our firearm courses will qualify you for an LTC or FID, they will not qualify you for a hunting license.  There are approximately 80 Hunter Education Courses offered across Massachusetts every year, and they usually fill up within a few days of announcement. These courses are conducted by volunteer instructors, are free of charge, and are approximately 15 hours in length. For more information on Massachusetts hunting regulations, license requirements and current course schedule, visit MassWildlife.

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